Admissions Procedure


To begin the enrollment process, print and complete the screening form below and return it to the ACE office with the following:

  1. new screening form
  2. Current Testing Documentation
  3. Most current ARD documents


In an effort to ensure, in good faith, that ACE appears to be an appropriate setting for the applicant, if evaluation of the above documents indicates that the applicant meets ACE’s criteria, you will be contacted to schedule a family interview and a student visitation day.


After your visit, the Admissions Committee will determine whether admission of the applicant is appropriate. The Committee will give due consideration to the needs of both the prospective student and existing students, as well as the capabilities and resources of the school itself. Each of these factors is considered before any final
decision is made.


Upon acceptance, an enrollment packet will be given to the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s). All tuition and financial arrangements
must then be made promptly through the school office. Enrollment is only confirmed when all registration documentation and fees have been received and accepted as complete by ACE.


A 30 day probationary period is in effect from the first day of attendance. Students may be dismissed, at the sole discretion of the Admissions Committee, during this period if:

  1. All required records and documents have not been received;
  2. If it is determined that ACE can not adequately meet the
    student’s needs.

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