What We Teach

Christian Education

Daily chapel lessons are led by staff and guest speakers. Emphasis is placed on building familiarity with Biblical principles and developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. All students participate in community service projects through ACE and family involvement.


Math materials are used to assist students to learn basic math skills in a sequential, step-by-step manner. Students are given incremental math instruction, with time to practice, process, and learn beyond acquisition to fluency. Students move from the concrete, to the pictorial, to the abstract. The results are usually immediate, measurable, and long lasting.

Reading & Language Arts

A multi-sensory approach to learning has proven to positively impact writing, reading, and spelling skills, and is used every day. Students continue to work on specific reading skills, at their level, until graduation.

Community/Cultural Awareness (History and Science)

Rather than rote memorization, students are encouraged to examine, analyze and synthesize the subject material through numerous approaches. Because of our history-rich city, students also participate in field trips to sites that link their learning to their lives. This incorporates the study of science and social studies on a 4 year rotating basis.

Skills for Success

This middle school program focuses on social and communication skills, health, problem solving, and an introduction to vocational skills.

Success In Society

This program teaches skills that will move students toward employability upon graduation. It focuses on problem solving, kitchen skills, meal preparation, practical living skills, and career exploration. Students have volunteer job experiences weekly.

Physical Education

Physical education is offered in a non-traditional program, which accommodates students’ individual needs and abilities. Good sportsmanship and teamwork is the focus, while developing hand/eye coordination, gross motor skills, and improving self-confidence.

Specialized Activities

ACE is blessed to have a staff of volunteers who are talented and skilled in various areas. These highly trained individuals have a passion to pass their skills and talents on to our kids through a wide variety of activities, projects, and events encompassing art, music, and writing.

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